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Bleeding Hate

Melodic Death Metal, Thrash Metal

Schweiz  Romanshorn

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Bleeding Hate was a project That started with Filipe Gordilho in the beginning of the year 2003 after he left his previous band Aliengates where he has shown versatility and talent, his brother Andre Gordilho joined a short time after showing his enthusiasm about playing with his brother and his essential energy on the band, even being in a band for the first time, he proved his amazing capacities as a thrash singer and lyric writer. At the end of July, they released their first demo entitled "Genesis of Evil" with five tracks, that has been bringing many good critics from the listeners. In October 2003 Andre Thöny, tha also is the singer and guitarist in a band named TripledeatH, joined the band as bass player, showing his amazing bass tunes, he was followed by Alex Bertschi in November 2003 that came to play the second guitar after playing in the band known as "Floating Point", we're still searching for a drummer but we hope not to long...
Bleeding hate have been showing it's energy and fidelity to metal with it's melodic thrash/death metal ever since the beginning...
At 29. of November Bleeding Hate had their first concert, in Dettingen/D without the performance From Alex that was in the Band for a little time and didn't feel sure to play already live...

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