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Beyond Martian Skies

Instrumental, Post Rock, Melodic Metal
Space Metal

Deutschland 33602 Bielefeld


Beyond Martian Skies are a Space Metal band from Bielefeld, Germany, Earth.
The band was founded on 30 November 2018 and is ready to launch.

The debut album "N2H4" (mixed and mastered by Marek Peperkorn) was released 3rd December 2021 via STF-Records.
N2H4 is a concept album that conveys its overarching story through songtitles, booklet artworks & flavour texts and the music itself.

"With BMS, we want to turn our different musical backgrounds to good account creating a convincing mixture of melodic black metal, progressive metal and post rock with vocals being an optional element. We want to portray a not-too-distant future in an overarching story that contains dystopian as well as utopian ideas."

 Hilfe-Popup Booking: Paolo Speich
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