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Bevel Emboss

Instrumental, Indie-Rock, Surf Rock

Niederlande  Amsterdam

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Embracing the idea of "now or never", a group musicians, plunged into an Amsterdam studio to kick off an instrumental challenge. After ideas bubbled up during an Amsterdam Festival, founder Louis de Wit started composing lots of new material.
He got enthusiastic response from fellow musicians and quickly a band was formed
with Jac Bico on leadguitar, Louis de Wit on guitar, Paul van Rijswijk on drums and Bart de Ruiter on the bass.

While rehearsing and recording they developed a typical method of working and ended up performing music on the same frequency of abstraction. IOW: being involved in the mystery called music.

And now finally presenting the album: Bevel Emboss - Celluloid.

An album containing 15 tracks, to be considered as an ode to pure guitar music. Bevel Emboss has mixed the traditional western sound with Turkish, Arabic, Spanish and South American beat and sound expressions.
A mystical experience and a pleasure listening, bringing joy and the feeling of being part of the action.

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