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Beta Satan

Hardcore Punk, Rock, Pop

Dänemark  Aarhus

at19x geklickt

Demosong: MySpace

You may have been verbally abused by one of the guys in Beta Satan, maybe it happened to one of your friends. No matter who or what was on the receiving end, the drunken rant being spit into your ear surely included anecdotes and seemingly endless appraisals of this new institution of rock, beta satan.

As many before you, you ask: “what is it, really?” and “who do they think they are?” and “what do they do, besides being drunk at shows, sporting a swollen pride, going on and on about how brilliant they are?! I mean… Come on!” Well, simple
questions require simple answers: ”Uh huh. Beta Satan is what people did not know they craved, and YOU’RE the bloody problem, here!”

Elitist, prophetic, defiant, sonic violence in a pop-coating from Denmark’s self-appointed band of genius.

You will answer to: K.R. Hansen, Kned, Johannes Gammelby, Q, Morten Riis and Mogens K

 Hilfe-Popup Booking: Booking Germany: FKP Scorpio

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