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It all began in 2002 with an idea of 3 guys, Chris, Steve
and Luke which just met and wanted to do something
special. So they started with a fourth member, Mike,
a punkrockband, called “Recently Nameless”.
So as time went by, Mike’s taste of music rapidly
changed and the music RN was playing didn’t fit it, that`s
why he decided to quit.

So the whole band needed to be changed. Luke
started to play bass instead of the guitar and the
guys wanted a new name for the new band. At the
end they picked a name out of the many ideas they
had, which motivated everybody to start all over
again, “BetNick”.

They threw all their old songs away and started
working on completely new ones. That was a very
tough but also exciting time for the band, in which
the style of the band was created. Besides the whole
songwriting and rehearsing they also started to
perform on events and parties frequently.

Then in 2004, after some struggling, they were finally
able to record their first demo record, which was
called “Ride the line”, named after a song on it. With
the experience they got they immediately continued
to write songs and perform on stages.

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