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Singer / Songwriter

Dänemark  Syðrugøta (Färöer Inseln)

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When you listen to Benjamin`s music, it is like being taken to a place you didn`t know existed. At the same time, it`s like you have always been there. Home.

Benjamin was born on the Faroe Islands, 18 islands placed in the Atlantic Ocean. Benjamin started playing the violin at the age of 4. At the tender age of 6 he started playing the guitar and a few years later he discovered Rock `N` Roll and since then he has never turned back.

The raw nature and the intensity of the Faroese landscape have taken hold of Benjamin`s blood and they seep through his veins and influence everything he does. The time spent living with an Indian tribe in the jungle of Paraguay spiritually transformed Benjamin into a Rock `N` Roll Jesus.

His music is strange and familiar at the same time. At first, you might think you know what it is, but as you keep looking, you find that it is not what it first seemed to be, but you can`t stop staring. And listening.

Benjamin`s music is very complete, as Benjamin is a complete artist. He has already written, recorded, performed, released and produced several records and is at this early stage already an established member of the musical elite on the Faroe Islands.

Benjamin`s music is as simple as it is diverse, as raw as it is pretty, as beautiful as it is scarred and as unsettling as it is sweet.

Benjamin`s music is heartfelt and true.