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BELIEFS started in November 2010 when Josh Korody (Breeze) and Jesse Crowe met at bassist Pat McCormack’s birthday party and bonded over their love of The Jesus and Marychain, Slowdive, and My Bloody Valentine. Korody, in the midst of building his Candle Recording Studio (hosting Dusted, Owen Pallet, Absolutely Free), and Crowe quickly began assembling a cultured, heady collage of sounds.

“Using their seminal influences as a catalyst rather than template, their self-titled debut album is a frighteningly assured and expansive effort, recalls last decade’s High Water Marks, Women or Deerhunter” ~ Rough Trade UK

The upcoming self-titled debut album, “Beliefs“, took shape naturally by creating groups of songs between three different studios over the course of a year. Led by Korody on production, players were added both live and on the album including Noel Webb and Ben Reinhartz on drums, as well as Kyle Connolly and Richard Stanley on guitar. Beliefs have spent the last year opening for bands such as A Place To Bury Strangers, Porcelain Raft, Disappears, Lotus Plaza, Amen Dunes, The Men, Dusted, Moon Duo, and Beach Fossils.

Already deep into creating their follow up softmore album, Beliefs’ have already released a two-song “Untitled” single (digital and cassette tape format) November 6th 2012 via Toronto design imprint / boutique label Hand Drawn Dracula and UK’s No Pain In Pop and their “Self-Titled” debut full length March 5th 2013 via Hand Drawn Dracula (CAN), Manimal (USA), and No Pain In Pop (UK/EU).

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