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Dancehall, Hip Hop
urban sounds

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Bassguerilla is a synonym for the compulsion of a 23 year old music nerd named philipp tann, to create his own music. It´s absolutely intending that we name it music. Sure, some people would say bassguerilla tracks are more "beats" or say the reggae way: "riddims". But it´s usually more than that. Like the world, music is like a puzzle of different cultures, sounds and styles, rhythms, languages and harmonies ... Companies paying millions of dollars to suggest us images or lifestyles – and lifestyle always includes music. But to depend to a scene automatically means borders. But there are no borders – at least in the music. Sure, you don´t have to mix a sitarguitar into a regular reggae tune, just to make it something called interesting (just an example - but who knows, maybe this would deliver the perfect sound ... I'll try sometime!) But you can, if you want to, and that´s the important thing! Music means freedom, means to express yourself, to create musical pictures of your life. No matter if it´s rap, dancehall jazz, breakbeat or pop ...

The mother of all styles is music.

And mama is always right, ain't she ...?

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