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Baby in Vain

Stoner (Desert Rock)

Dänemark  Kopenhagen

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Demosong: SoundCloud

Being but 17-20 years of age, the three girls of Baby In Vain have impressively fast found their own place in a genre most often dominated by middleaged men.
They play an updated version of 90`s stoner rock and grunge, with heavy guitar riffs and screeching vocals.

The Danish and international reviewers are already convinced with 5 and 6 star reviews and recommendations from Mojo Magazine’s Kieron Tyler and Intro Magazine. Having supported San Francisco cool Ty Segall and been on a 10 date tour with The Floor is Made of Lava, the girls continue to win new fans and impress with their raw, cool calmness and eagerness to prove themselves.

Baby In Vain has released a 7″ single consisting of the two songs Machine Gun Girl/The Catcher, and the song Sweetheart Dreams digitally. They are currently working on material for a sequal of three 7”s – one to be released July 1 and two to be released late summer and beginning of autumn.

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