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Death Metal
Brutal Death Metal

Deutschland 41061 Mönchengladbach

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The idea of writing extreme music and combining furious speed, headbanging grooves and an aggressive vibe dates back to 2003 when founding members David and Selim started to draw the band’s musical blueprint combining influences from grindcore, death metal and hardcore.
After several line-up and name changes along the way the band finally became what is now known as the brutal powerhouse called Atomgott and started working on their first demo EP entitled „Es gibt kein Utopia“ (There is no utopia). Released by Southwest Hardcore Records the EP features Flo from heavy hardcore outfit Circle Of Death on vocals who also initializes the idea writing Atomgott’s lyrics in german.
After numerous shows with bands like Nasty, Brutal Unrest, Abysmal Torment, Xibalba, Ingested, Warfield Within, Dew Scented, Epicardictomy, Crawlspace, Resurrected, Korpse and many others Maik (Cortical Callossum, Orphalis) was introduced to take over the vocal duties due to Flo’s departure and Atomgott started working on their first full release featuring 12 new songs mixed and mastered by Manuel Cohnen at Parabol Audio studios.

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