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Anx 74

Punk, Pop Punk, Punk Rock

Luxemburg  Wormeldange, Musel

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Demosong: MySpace

Who are we?

Currently, and forever, we’re formed by three member:
First one to be Sam Matthew DaFoe.
Second one, would be Cedric Perreira.
And the last one’s Mikey Landon Brkey.

What is our music?

We have no real style of music. It’s not always the same. But if you want to tell someone how we sound, just say, ‘some kind of pop punk’ that’ll do it. But of course, you can say ‘they sound good, awesome’. That’s your own choice. Our songs, they’re not about politics, or the world being so shitty. Nope. It’s about, party, drinking alcohol, doing a lot of shit, hanging round with friends, skip school, having sex ( I guess it’s the most important part, isn’t it?) and… All the other fun stuff you do when you’re between 16 and 22.

Gigs & Live Stuff

Considering our gigs, we had already a lot of performances. From small ones, in Pubs, up to big ones, on festivals or in big locations. For example, the Rockhal in Luxembourg, the On Stéitsch festival, or in the KuFa in Luxembourg. We also shared the stage with bigger bands like, The Wombats, Eternal Tango, Bandgeek Mafia & Versus You. Our live performances are quite personal. We interact with the crowd and try to talk to each on of them. But, why should I explain everything, just come to one of our Gigs!
Of course we had already some contests. Our first one was the Intensity Band Contest, organized by the Red Cross, and we immediately placed second! Our second was the ‘Waat ech Well’ where we placed first.

Recordings & Future

Recently we realesed 2 new songs on our myspace. And until now, we only got good feedback. For Summer, we plan to make an EP, with about 5-6 Songs. Our songs are also played on luxembourgish Radio Stations, so tune in! For the future, we try to get in contact with foreign bands, to get our of our contries. So if you’re intrested, just contact us. I hope you’ll hear from us!

Contact & Miscellanious

As you’ve noticed, we’re taking it quite serious. But we’re also 3 funny guys, just making their music. If you want to keep contact with us, write us a mail.

Or make a myspace comment.

 Hilfe-Popup Booking: Mike Mertens / Sam Faber

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