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Ever since Andrew Collberg was a child, he has been passionate about making music, writing songs, and playing shows. He has proven to have what it takes to make these dreams come true: talent, devotion, creativity and dedication. He spends most of his time at home writing & working on his new songs, making time to even see his friends a rarity. However, this has been the case for Andrew most of his life. He was 8 when he discovered his love for music, 16 the first time he won a band contest, 18 when he debuted his first album, and 22 when he created “On The Wreath”- an album full of catchy and guitar oriented songs, and gems many a hyped UK band would build their entire career upon. Andrew is not British, though. His hometown is Tucson, Arizona, and the opinion leaders in Great Britain haven’t discovered this lively scene in the Southwest US. Andrew Collberg belongs to a group of incredibly talented musicians such as Brian Lopez, Sergio Mendoza and Gabriel Sullivan, who have already set foot in Europe on their legendary “Tucson Songs“ Tour in 2012.

Andrew Collberg has changed many things for his new album “Minds Hits“. He built a studio at home and rethought his songwriting technique completely. Instead of writing on the guitar as usual, he started writing songs on the piano, giving his music a whole new dynamic. Whereas “On The Wreath“ seemed playful and harmonic, “Minds Hits“ sounds powerful and full of drive. Hereby, Collberg has taken a step back from his classic singer-songwriter style. His melodies are still great and catchy– but the arrangements are hands-on and energetic. The sincerity of his new tracks, recorded live in the studio, is strongly noticeable. Less kindness, more attack, which helps convey the message in the songs- drugs (“Hole“, “Tear In Our Knit“), politics (“Rich“), unrequited love (“Take A Look Around“) and shattered dreams (“Stars On“). True stories, told by Andrew in a rough, unpolished manner. Yet, “Minds Hits“ still executes a great amount of warmth.

The songs were recorded on an analog tape machine. In order to make the recordings sound fuller, they were mixed analog as well on the same type of machine Harry Nilsson used for his celebrated album “Nilsson Schmilsson“ (experts: it’s a „Trident A Range“ desk, of which there are only thirteen in the world). This reference is musically close to Collberg’s work: the sound of the early seventies is not a retro reference but a conscious choice of sound that gives the songs a timeless sound. This is a sound just not achieved easily using digital means.

The new album has been produced by Nick Luca (Calexico, Iron & Wine, among others). “Minds Hits“ was recorded in one go under live conditions with Collberg’s perfectly greased band. Collberg plays drums, piano, wurlitzer and guitar. Connor Gallaher is the lead guitarist on the album, Sean Rogers plays bass, and Julia Deconcini contributes with background vocals. Connor, Andrew and Julia have known each other ever since their teenage years, and Andrew and Sean also play together in Sean’s band, Fur Family.

“Minds Hits“ is not only another milestone in Andrew Collberg’s musical evolution – the album opens up a new perspective of the Swedish-born musician who taps the musical heritage of his adoptive hometown without prejudice and distills it to his very own sound. “Minds Hits“ is undoubtedly a masterpiece – more mature and self-sufficient than its predecessor but still as carefree as Andrew Collberg has us accustomed to.