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Hardcore / Metalcore

Deutschland 10 Berlin


Alithia formed in Spring 2003, as a result of former musicians from the bands Hostile Youth and Should Have Known coming together. With the bands coming from different musical backgrounds the band members wanted to combine their vision to create something new and innovative in the world of metalcore and newschool - solid rhythm section and a wall of guitars playing off aggressive vocals and samples/ scratching.

With a powerful work ethic and dedication to their music the band set out to perfect their live show. In Summer 2003 they were ready and trod the boards with the likes of Daylight, Narziß, Mort, Faust Again, Born From Pain, Battle Royale, Self Conquest, Maroon, Six Reasons To Kill, A Traitor Like Judas, Angel Reich and other local bands. Frequent local shows quickly helped build up a good fanbase in and around Berlin.

The band finally released their self-produced debut mini album in June 2004, in order to satisfy the large demand for recorded material. Featuring five tracks plus a hidden track. The release was an accurate representation of their sound and set. The initial pressing sold out very quickly, helped by frequent live performances and reviews in publications and online press such as Poison Free, Waste Of Mind, Partyausfall, Oppressive, Uncle Sallys.

With a release under their belts, the band was offered the chance to play bigger shows such as the Hellfire fest with Cataract, Born From Pain, Destiny, Heaven Shall Burn and as opening act on the Eastpak Resistance tour show in Berlin, alongside bands such as Sick Of It All, Hatebreed, Walls Of Jericho, Slapshot and 7 Seconds. They recorded the Eastpak show on film, and soon released a new promo cd, featuring 2 new tracks and some live video tracks from the show.

In the meantime their self-titled debut cd was repressed, this time on Sirkus records from Indonesia. This has obviously helped the band to improve their international recognition. Shortly afterwards, in March 2005 the band embarked on a highly succesful tour of Greece and Bulgaria, in the company of Backfire and Angel Crew. A DVD release of the show in Sofia is currently being planned.

In April 2006 Alithia`s first Full Lenght Album was released on Madmob Records, a dedicated and hard working label, to create a powerful partnership to spread the Alithia message further. Several Magazines have written reviews you can read on

Now Alithia is working on new material for their second Full Lenght. Besides a new track was recorded for the upcoming Madmob Sampler which is expected to be released in the beginning of 2007!

Alithia have many plans for the year 2007. Several tours through Germany and Europe are currently planned. If you want to book Alithia for a show please contact us!

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