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I started dealing with music when I was very young. At the age of 7, I went to Primary Music School for the piano, which I finished 6 years later. From the very beginning I was interested mostly in composing, so that my first song was composed already at the age of 10.
During the 80`s I was playing with a few rock bands, performing all over the ex Yugoslavia. It was not until the 90`s that I began dealing with studio and production work professionally. At that time, I established a music studio with a friend of mine. During the next eight years, I recorded, mixed or produced about 100 records, mostly of pop/rock and electro genre.
In 1997, I made my own studio called Moderato, based mostly on synthesizers and devoted myself to composing and production of audio materials for different TV and radio advertisements, theatre music, film music, CD presentations of companies, etc.
So far, I have composed four albums of my own, where I applied my long-standing music experience. Three albums are of electro genre with frequent use of electric guitar and "Instrumental Lullabies" for kids and adults in electro ambient genre.

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