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Johan Herkens and Tom Van Sweevelt met on one of Zumo’s rehearsals, the former band of our vocalist, in october 2004. Tom came to do a try-out for a second guitar part in Zumo. It didn’t happen. The reason? One can only suspect that Tom was too much class for them to handle.

After a long and weary discussion between Johan and the other members of Zumo, it became clear that there was no common ground between the musical vision of Johan and Zumo. Thus Johan decided to call it quits, in search for a better future in the musical landscape. He re-contacted Tom and asked him how he feels about founding a kind of hard-rock band from scratch. Tom jumped on board immediately, as did his slightly older brother Peter “Mic Mac” Van Sweevelt.

So now the band consisted of a vocalist (Johan), a guitarist (Tom) and a drummer (Mic Mac). So what does any band do that just has been founded? That’s right, they went on to search a bassplayer. Peter Amelinckx was the first the guy to take the test and he got the job.

One could say that finally, there was a band founded. But after written a few songs, the band felt a lack. The four discovered soon that what this band also needed was two guitarists instead of one. So searching the Belgian music scene went on…After testing a few guitarists, the band came to the conclusion that Jorn Van der Straeten was the missing link. With the right vibe that led to harmonious jamsessions, he was asked to join the band. And so he did. As of May 2005, the original line-up was complete.

Off course, you can’t go out there as “The Band” (well, you could, but what about creativity?). So, after a while, we baptized the band as After Life. Why you ask? Well, if certain amusical music-critics declares our genre for dead, then we must be in the afterlife, cuz we’re still playing that good old hard-rock with a grunge attitude! (Actually, I just made this up…but who cares why we’re called After Life anyways?) For our vocalist Johan, After Life has its own special meaning: `Everyone of us go to school or have a day job where he spends his time, sometimes with pleasure, sometimes bored, every day the same thing, get up at 8th, go to work or school, come home, eat, sleep, and again get up @8th, every day, year after year. But we all have our after life, our dreams, well ours is making music, writing lyrics, searching for that one riff or song that could make the world a different place, the passion, the fire, that`s what we have in our AFTER LIFE.`

In January 2007, Peter, our bassplayer, decides to leave After Life due to a personal overloaded agenda. We wish him all the best in the future and he`ll always be a dear friend of After Life. Que sera, sera. We were back to four and in search for a true fifth member for After Life. After a long search, and thorough investigation of the Belgian musicscene, we can announce that since March 2007 Michael Konovaloff will be the new bassplayer for After Life. We are sure that, with him on the team, there will be a new dawn to the world of After Life.

In the end of 2007, Tim Augustynen of Rockstar Recordings Niel and After Life decided to work together on a demo-album. Eventhough the demo needs some mastering, the results are - as far as After Life is concerned - solid and ready to rock! You can hear the fruit of our co-operation on this myspace. Be sure to leave your opinion. After Life is always interested in ways to improve their music.

Now, After Life is packed and ready to conquer rockloving mankind! Here we go...

Through the tunnel and into the After Life...

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