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Death Metal, Funk Metal, Death Metal
Grooving Death Metal

Österreich 9020 Klagenfurt

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In September 2007 guitarist Florian and bassist Stephan who were at this time playing together in a band called Midnight Sun decided to form a side project. The idea behind this side project was to be more aggressive, less melodic and more groovy than Midnight Sun. So Stephan mentioned Gernot as Drummer. Stephan has played with Gernot before and knew his playing which was exactly what the new band needed – aggressive and groovy at the same time. The one man missing was the singer. So guitarist Florian came up with Matthias who was at this time never playing in a band before. But Matthias turned out to be a very talented and perfect singer for the band. That was how the band was formed. From the beginning on the whole band harmonized in a perfect way. Their passion for music and especially metal music was the creative bond that united those four musicians to 4XistenZ.