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3rd Sun

Rock, Metal

Deutschland 84543 Winhöring, München


3rd Sun actually appeared the first time back in 1998, at that time with a different bass player, and Karl on second guitar. The Band Third Sun, previously called Reduke, played just about a few gigs, before they nearly completely split, after Simon leaving the Band, and several band members spreading all over Bavaria for studying and other reasons. In those days Socke, Tobi, Karl and Ben just met occasional, to play together just for fun! As they noticed, that the few songs they arranged really kicked the hell outta it, they decided to take the whole thing more serious, and went on the search for a vocalist! But this search should be more hard than they imagined! After trying several singers (even a violin player!), they finally met Tom Kahl, who they really thought would fit in very well, and in fact, he really enriched the songs, and work went on quite good. The writing of the bandname was changed to 3rd Sun in those days, to intimate the rise from the dead. But due to the few time they could practise with Tom, because of his changing shifts, and his few spare time, they unfortunately had to decide to seperate from Tom for searching for another singer who could support the band more often, to finally get on stage! In those days Ben talked to Simon from time to time and, as they had been playing together since they started to make music, they thought about the idea to play together again one day. After some discussions within the band, 3rd Sun decided to make a test, how the whole thing would work with the new old singer. As the everybody of 3rd Sun crew knew, Simon was a great singer, and so it didn´t take long, till he became a member of high value enriching the band as well as the songs! After recording a demo, the Band is finally ready to get on stage again, to

kick your ass!

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